I have thought this for a while and now an official study has confirmed that fewer than half of the adult population are confident undertaking DIY projects in the home.

The study was carried out by Local Heroes, a home improvement and repair service backed by British Gas.

As you are no doubt aware Father’s Day is almost upon us. I spotted an interesting survey carried out by the MyBuilder website asking Dads what they actually wanted as a present for their special day.

Now I know that many people have an image of Dad as a DIY expert desperate to find things around the house and garden just waiting to be fixed. Sorry to disappoint, but most Dads just aren’t as into DIY as much as you might think.

We’ve all seen them on the TV programmes about rogue traders and incompetent workmen. They are the cowboys that get us, professional and reliable tradesmen, a bad name.

Here are 5 typical mistakes to help you spot the John Wayne’s from top quality plasterers.

1. Cheap tools. It is simple; if you are using poor quality tools then you are not going to achieve a beautifully smooth finish. If you want to provide a first class piece of work, you need to use top quality tools. A trowel from the pound shop is not going to cut it.

I read recently about a disastrous day at a Dundee hotel.

Two wedding parties were taking place at the Queen’s Hotel when a ceiling collapsed before the cakes were even cut. The guests were safely evacuated although one Best Man was treated for concussion.

Firefighters arrived within minutes and declared the building unsafe so the parties had to be transferred to other premises. Guests told reporters at the scene that they had been plastered but not in the way they had expected.