Rendering Services Throughout Gloucestershire

Simply put, rendering is a means of coating the exterior surfaces of your property’s walls. Façade Finishes has been rendering external surfaces for over 20 years in Gloucestershire so you can be assured of a thoroughly professional job.

There are numerous different styles, textures and colours currently available, enabling you to choose a truly unique external finish. We will be happy to discuss your options with you.

This is a selection of some of the more popular external finishes:

facade finishes tick redExternal Wall Insulation

facade finishes tick red

Through Colour Rendering

facade finishes tick redLime Render
A render that is made with lime and is both breathable and flexible. This means it is ideal for restoration work on traditional and timber-framed buildings as well as buildings that experience a lot of structural movement.

facade finishes tick redTraditional Sand & Cement
Often incorporating Portland cement, these renders are stronger and more durable than lime renders. They are not waterproof so require a finishing coat, usually paint. They are popular because they are relatively cheap and quick and easy to apply.

facade finishes tick redPebble Dashing
Pebble dash is not a render in itself but rather a type of finish that can be applied to a render, such as sand and cement. It is simply achieved by applying pebbles to the mortar while it is still wet.

facade finishes tick redTyrolean
Tyrolean render is a cement based textured render that is ideal for covering poor or damaged brickwork. It is applied using a Tyrolean gun, which is a special bucket with a central spindle that can be hand turned or powered.

facade finishes tick redWet Dashing
Also known as rough cast, this is another method of pebble dashing and is one of the most common found in the UK. The pebbles are mixed in with the final coat of mortar and cast or sprayed onto the wall.

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